About Us

Guansheng kitchenware Equipment Co., Ltd

We founded Guansheng kitchenware to help people around the world make better pizza and food at home and outdoor, we specialized in Pizza Oven and Clay Oven which created the amazing experience for our customers. More people than ever have become interested in healthy cooking and the value of spending time together; Guansheng kitchenware is right at the heart of that vision and we are excited about the future of our industry and our manufacturing. When you buy a Pizza Oven and Clay Oven, you get the benefits of our advanced engineering and proven designs. We cooperated with the world-class oven design company which take the world’s market-driven and consumers-oriented serious. Thanks to our chief designer and engineer Wong, who always leading us stand on the top of international oven technology wave tip. And With all these advantages, we know the market and what you need the best, let’s get fire up right now and start a win-win cooperation.

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Creative Design

Creative Design is the major part of our success which make us inspire to discover more creative and new designs.

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We prefer quality than money

Our company give the quality which is mostly liked by our customers and we are happy to give the innovation.

fire pit for both outdoor and in

Online Support 24/7

We are happy to reply you timely and give you support by discovering knowledge regarding our products.

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Trendy Designs

Attractive Pizza Oven / Clay Oven appearance design helps your brand stand out among others.

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Innovative Technologies

Quartz Titanium Ignition, Rust Free materials, Anti Flare, Flame Failure safety, Infra-Red burners all bear testimony to the innovation.

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Artisanal Craftsmanship

We treat every design as our child, only our engineers and workers can realize our design and ensure the superb craftsmanship.

Our Advantages


Engaging in the industry for more than a decade, our product experts have accumulated rich knowledge & expertise in the pizza oven and clay oven, manufacturing, and even different market preferences.


Located in Pearl River Delta, China, as a professional kitchen equipment factory we own the innovative design and mass production capacity, we can react to your custom orders quicker and at a more cost-effective way than others, no matter it is just a sample order or mass order.


We are the qualified professional kitchen equipment manufacturer boast more than a decade of experience in manufacturing pizza ovens and clay oven. Our expert skills mean that you can get top quality pizza ovens without sacrificing time.

Who we are ?

We’re a team of experienced designers and manufacturers who obsessively develop and Create the kitchen equipment, specialized in design and manufacture pizza ovens and clay oven (both outdoor and in). Our Chief designer Wong has a passion for products and services that make you cooking easier and more enjoyable.
Our chief designer Mr Wong who have 35 years of pizza ovens product designing and manufacturing experience. He graduated from Zhejiang University which is super good at technical research and development in China. His designs have helped different customers win design awards for the past 35 years.