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A Premium Quality Outdoor Pizza Oven Grill

Guansheng Kitchenware Equipment Co., Ltd enables individuals all over the world to produce better pizzas outdoors and at home so they can spend quality time with their families. We are experts in barbecue grills and pizza ovens, and we deliver world-class service to our consumers. In China, we are known as the major manufacturers of pizza ovens and kitchen appliances because of our special kitchen appliance for both outdoor and in. Our current location is Guangzhou, China. Guansheng’s major goal is to help people learn how to prepare and eat nutritious cuisine.

Our Offerings:

Our product offerings include an Outdoor BBQ grill, Gas pizza oven, Clay pizza oven, Firepit,  Portable outdoor, and  Wood fired pizza oven.

What Sets Us Apart? 

Premium Material & Latest Design

Our premium quality outdoor pizza oven grill has incredible heat preservation which lessens the time that it takes to cook the meal. You can easily keep the temperature in check by looking at the thermometer. 

No Tools to Operate

You can very conveniently assemble and operate our premium quality outdoor pizza oven grill without using any tools. You can bake a frozen or fresh pizza in unbelievably less minutes. 

All Accessories Included

We provide complete accessories with our premium quality outdoor pizza oven grill so you do not have to worry about buying accessories to use for baking. 

Guansheng kitchenware is very thrilled about the future of our industry and manufacturing. We know the industry too  well because we have been collaborating with a top-class outdoor pizza oven grill design company that knows how to keep a customer 100% satisfied.

premium quality outdoor pizza oven grill

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fire pit for both outdoor and in

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premium quality outdoor pizza oven grill

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